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Protecting Valuables With a Safe

Combination and Digital Safes

Combination and Digital Safes

Being Smart With Your Home Valuables

Combination and Digital Safes for your homeThere are two very valuable things everyone needs to keep track of, your social security card and your birth certificate. Those items without a doubt need to be in a well-kept place. But what about your family's heirlooms, like your grandmother's ring? Or that bundle of cash that you hide under your mattress? Sure insurance will replace the monetary value but some things are worth further protecting.

The first thing to consider when adding a safe to your home is what size to get and where to put it. If you’re only keeping important paperwork and a few rings, you don’t need to purchase a safe that can fit a rifle.

Another thing to consider is the cash rating of your intended safe. This refers to the maximum amount an insurance company will cover on the contents inside. What determines this is the thickness of the safe walls, the quality of the lock, the number of locks and protection installed around the lock. So of course, better quality safes have higher cash ratings. Which means an insurance company is more willing to cover more cash.

Not All Safes Are the Same!

Cash ratings will also help you determine the jewelry rating. A good rule of thumb is each safe will cover valuables to ten times the amount of cash. So if the cash rating is $1,000 it will cover valuables up to $10,000.

A great thing to consider when adding a safe to your home is how likely it will withstand a fire. In this circumstance, you don’t want an “uh, it’s likely!” with a shrug, you want a guarantee that your social security card won’t burn up in a blaze.

The Lock Itself

Just like the lock to your front door, there are a few different locks you can have for your safe; combination safes, digital safes and fingerprint safes.

  • Combination safes will send you back to your high school days! (Not really, luckily) It’s exactly like opening a locker.
  • Digital safes are ones you typically see in the office at most businesses, you gain entry with a code.
  • Fingerprint (biometric) safes are great for only giving yourself access. Unfortunately, these systems aren’t that advanced yet. They’re also, unfortunately, cheap and breakdown quickly.
  • No matter which safe you choose, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a lock with a key for it (especially if you're prone to lockouts).

Professional Locksmith and Safe Installation Specialists

Lang's Locks has over 40 years of experience in the locksmith industry. We can help you secure your home inside and out! We encourage you to have a certified locksmith come to your home and evaluate ways to better secure your valuables. If you have any questions in regards to adding a safe to your home, contact Lang's Locks!