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When You're Locked Out of Your Home, Work or Car, You May Feel Completely Helpless

Don't get upset, call Lang's Locks! We have been providing expert lock-out service for over 40 years and will get you back into your home, work or car quickly. Prices are affordable and we can come to your location any day or night. We also have many other services to offer for your home and work. Call 513-860-0222 today for a phone quote or to set up an appointment!

emergency locksmith services west chester ohioSome of our locksmith services include:

Rekeying Your Locks Reduces Risks

Our locksmiths can rekey your locks with a new set of keys so the old ones no longer work. This is done when people lose their keys, have their purse stolen, move into a new home (you do not know who has the keys), or you do not want someone who has the old key to gain access (fired employee, relative, friend, neighbor, etc.). This can be done as a security option on a regular basis (once per year).

Locksmith Key Repair

Let us fix your broken lock or realign your doors so the locks work properly. Sometimes a door will become unaligned due to the house settling and the locks will no longer work properly. To fix this you need to replace the door, or we can adjust the door or strike plates to allow it to work. Sometimes the lock itself will no longer work and may be in the closed position (you cannot open the door). We can repair the lock by opening the door and replacing a piece of the lock or the entire lock, then rekey the new lock so it matches the other locks in your home or business. Sometimes someone who tries to break into your home or business will damage the lock. We can repair or replace a lock that has been damaged by the "bad guy".

Automotive Locksmith - Emergency Lock-outs

Automotive Locksmith - Emergency Lockouts

Leaving your keys in your car is every driver's nightmare. You don't need to be stranded, just call Lang's Locks! We will arrive at your car quickly and get your car open without causing any damage to your vehicle. Being locked out of your office or store with work to be done or customers waiting to shop is very frustrating. Call Lang's Locks to get you into your workplace and we will be there quickly!

Being unable to access your home after a long day at work is the final nail in the coffin. Lang's Locks can help! Our locksmiths are fully trained, licensed and insured, and ready to assist you. They will arrive at your home quickly, get you back inside and offer up security solutions for the future. When you need emergency lockout service they are your best choice!

Door Lock Replace

Sometimes the locks on your home become worn or discolored, or you may not like the finish of your current locks. We can replace your locks with locks you chose from our catalog. We will come out to your home or business and show you the selection after doing a walk-through of your current locks. We also carry standard locks in our vehicles, so we can replace your locks with standard locks when necessary due to time constraints.

Standalone Access Control

This is an electrical lock that utilizes a key card or punch-in code to gain access to a certain area. Needing to secure your business?  This lock retains the information as to who accessed the area with the times (audit reporting). This information is then downloaded to a hand-held device and uploaded to a computer for report generation. A mechanical lock which has a code to allow access to an area can also be used, but the audit reporting is not available. 

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