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Why Families Love Access Control

home securityDo you have kids and are often worried whether they have reached home from school or not?

Do you have a babysitter and you are not sure if they are giving your kids the time you are paying them for? 

Are you getting some work done at your home and want to know if the contractor comes on time for the repair? 

Is there any such thing that can help you access control to your home while you are not there? This system provides both convenience and security!

Thanks to Stand Alone Access Control, you can do this now.

What is Stand Alone Access Control?

Stand Alone Access Control is your one-stop-solution to put an end to all your worries when you are not at home. It gives you an easily programmed access to your home. The Stand Alone Access sends out notifications if anyone enters or leave. Thanks to Stand Alone Access Control, people can live with peace of mind now.

How Does it Work?

Stand Alone Access Control offers a simple way to control access to your home.

remote access to doorYou can schedule access - and you are notified as soon as anybody opens the door to your house. You will now know whether your kids have reached home from school or not and at what time. It works with a simple security code and there is nothing much the person at the door needs to do too. They need to have a cellphone with them and they will be able to enter using the security code. If you want to let anyone in the house, you can give them the security code and they will be able to pass without any issues.

Not any one can enter the house. If anyone does try to do that, you are notified immediately, and you can then take the necessary actions.

Why Restrict and Track Access?

The world is not a safe place anymore and it is difficult to trust anyone. You are protecting your home, family or loved ones. You are in charge of who is entering and leaving the house. Do your work in peace knowing that the home is under your constant monitoring. This makes Stand Alone Access Control the ideal hands-free monitoring system. 

Get your Stand Alone Access Control installed at your house today. This digital device will give access as needed, to whom needed. Be free of all kinds of worries when you are at work or away. We will take care of your house with all our heart.  Contact the professional locksmiths at Lang's Locks today to have a one of our certified locksmiths discuss how our product adds peace of mind to your home.