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Spring Landscaping & Entryway Safety

Spring Cleaning To-Do List: Reduce the Risk of Home Burglary

west chester oh locksmith servicesAs the waters recede and rain turns into sunshine, Cincinnati homeowners will start to prepare for their spring cleaning and landscaping routines. The promise of longer days and sunny weather motivates a lot of home improvements, and home security should be at the top of the list.

Plant Barriers

Professional landscapers can guide important decisions about how to reduce the risk of home burglary. One important element of a home’s landscaping plans should be home security. Keeping shrubbery, bushes, and dense trees away from windowsills eliminates hiding places. Burglars no longer have an easy access point to windows or doors. Greenery near windows or home entrance points is important for exterior aesthetic.

Landscaping and exterior home improvement projects often focus on adding color and visual interest through flowers, shrubbery, and greenery. Landscapers can select thorny variations that add a new layer of security and protection. Thorny variation changes cannot prevent a home from being robbed. The home improvement changes often dissuade a potential burglar from identifying a home as an easy target.

Increase Lighting

Adding several types of outdoor lighting or motion-sensor lighting can also be a deterrent to a burglar looking for an easy target. Have your home’s entire lawn or landscape visible at night. Unfamiliar people or objects are going to be far easier to identify and see from inside the home or by passersby. Keeping a home well-lit is also a great security measure. Interior lighting provides the sense that people are inside and at home. The increased lighting makes the house a less practical target than a vacant home.

Check Windows and Doors

Every home should have a fundamental window and door security measures in place. During the popular spring-cleaning season be sure to have a locksmith you trust check padlocks, door handle locks, and windows. Lang's Locks can help you to ensure the locks are secure. Spring is also a great time to review house keys and garage openers. Are your keys all accounted for and working?

Cincinnati Home Security and Locksmith Solutions

If a lock is broken or a key is missing, we can help! Lang’s Locks offers several ways to increase the security of a home. Rekeying a home with an entirely new set of keys and locks will give you ultimate security and peace of mind. New locks ensure that any previous lost or compromised keys are ineffective. Previous homeowners, cleaners, or other people with access to a home are no longer able to enter without making arrangements for access. Emergency day or night locksmith services can assist in the event of a break-in or if a homeowner is locked out of his or her home with no other form of entry.

Lang’s Locks offers service to Butler, Warren, and Northern Hamilton counties. Our expert locksmiths with more than 40 years of experience are always available! Contact 513-860-0222 for more information or to get day or night locksmith services today.